How To Calculate The Weight of M.S Angle For Billing

How To Calculate The Weight of Mild Steel Angle For Billing

Derivation M.S Angle

*Mild Steel of  Equal Angles : 20 x 20 x 3 mm to 200 x 150 x 18 mm

Example for better understanding

Angle Size is 50  x 50 x 5 mm

*Unit weight of steel is 7850 Kg / m3


Weight of Mild Steel angle is in Kg/m  

= Volume x Unit weight of steel.

Volume for

Part (i) = 1 x 0.050 x 0.005

= 0.00025 m3

Part (ii) = 1 x 0.045 x 0.005

= 0.000225 m3

Total Volume = 0.00025 + 0.000225 = 0.000475 m3

Weight of M.S angle

= Total volume x unit weight of steel

= 0.000475 x 7850

= 3.728 Kg/m

3.8 Kg/m

Same calculation for other dimensions of Mild Steel Angle.


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